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There's No Way to Sugarcoat It - Growing Stinks

Date: 01-03-2022


The first step you should take is to purchase a carbon filter. A carbon filter and fan combo is hands down the most effective tool in your arsenal for removing smells. 

Okay, maybe that wasn’t the most technical explanation for why carbon filters are essential, but this is: 

A carbon filter and fan combo is equipped with an extractor fan that works to pull the air in your growing space through an activated carbon filter. As air passes through, odours are trapped in the pores of this filter leaving only clean, odourless air behind. 

There are many options if you’re in the market for a carbon filter, we like the range from Filteroo which you can find on our website, or linked below. 

When looking for a carbon filter, keep an eye out for one with a deep carbon bed as these contain more carbon which means more odour can be removed and your unit will have a longer lifespan. 

Other considerations: 

Your fan and filter need to be seamlessly connected. It’s important to make sure your flange size matches the size of your fan or you’ll be forced to use a reducer, which does negatively impact the effectiveness of your carbon filter. 

The size of your fan and filter combo is also important as a combo too small will be inefficient at removing odours. If you’re unsure about which fan and filter combo will best suit your space, come in store or give us a call on 1800 640 222 and we can help advise a suitable size for you. 

An important note to make when considering a carbon filter is ongoing maintenance. We recommend replacing your pre-filters every 3-6 months to prevent dust buildup. 

Once you’ve picked out a carbon filter and fan that suits your fan and grow space, it’s time to set it all up. 

Many indoor growers take advantage of humidifying equipment to achieve optimal environmental conditions. If this is the case for you, you must use reverse osmosis water. Unfiltered water contains minerals that will clog up your filter and will reduce its lifespan considerably. 

For an added layer of protection against smells in your grow room, you might like to add an odour neutraliser. 

Odour neutralisers come in many different scents and forms such as sprays, gels or blocks. We really like the range of blocks and gels from Hydro Garden which you can find on our website or linked below.  

Odour neutralisers work as the odour molecules are released from your plants. These molecules are either attracted to or enter and bond with the product's ingredients. They can be permanently bonded by chemical reaction to the neutralizer’s ingredients and then cancelled out and destroyed.

When adding an odour neutraliser to your set-up, it’s important that they are placed as directed by the manufacturer. This is because these products are much stronger than your run-of-the-mill air freshener and some odour neutralisers can impact the taste of your final product if stored in your grow tent. 

In addition to the above big players, there are a few preventative measures you can take to tackle smells before they become noticeable. 

Most growers find odour peaks around flowering due to increased oils and terpenes. This smell is exacerbated by humidity which also increases with flowering. 

To mitigate this, enlist the help of a fan and consider switching your lighting to LEDs for a cooler, less humid grow space that will naturally reduce odour. 

And that’s all for another month, folks! As always, we hope you’ve learned something new and most importantly, happy growing!