California Lightworks Solar System 1100 800W LED

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LED California Light Works Solar System 1100

The SolarSystem features the latest generation high efficiency LEDs as well as the most versatile control system on the market. This system is perfect for a single light in a tent or several hundred lights in a large commercial operation.

This grow light system enables 0 to 100% dimming of commercial LED grow lights. It also offers a large 5’ x 5’ bloom coverage area and 8’ x 8’ foot vegetative coverage area. A high efficiency of 2.23 umol/j and 0–800-W power consumption contributes to efficient growing operations. Light output from our full spectrum grow lights promotes photosynthesis at all stages of growth and a comfortable environment to assess and maintain crops.


Advanced LED Grow Light System
Replaces a 1000 watt HPS with 40% Less Energy
Fully Programmable Spectrum Control
Higher Yields and Better Quallty
Perfect for Propagation, Veg or Bloom
Never Needs Bulbs- Easy to Install
Perfect for small or large scale grows
5 Year Warranty - Made in the USA
Programmable Spectrum Control

Automatically Program any Growth Stage or Spectrum Mix
A Single Controller Runs an Unlimited Number of Lights
Sunrise/Sunset for Better Daily Growth
Digital timer eliminates external timers or contactors
Day, Week or Season programming
Smooth Transitions from Veg to Bloom
Customizable Grow Schedules for Each Strain
The SolarSystem controller works with 1 or 1000 lights and controls our entire family of SolarSystem LEDs. The system grows with you as you increase your grow operation.


Power Consumption: 0 - 800W
Efficiency: 2.23 umol/j
Light Output - PPF: 1730
Spectrum Control: Digital / Programmable
Auto Voltage: 90 - 277V
Maximum Current: 6.6A @ 120V, 3.3A @ 240V
Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
Heat Output - BTU: 2550
Operating Temperature: 0 - 107F
Power Factor: >0.95
Coverage Area - Bloom: 152CM x 152CM
Coverage Area - Veg: 243CM x 243CM
LED Lifttime Rating: 50 000+
Warranty: 5 Years
Termal Management: Active
Dimming : 3 Channel 0% - 100%
Cord Length: 1.82M
Data Connection: RJ11
Certification: UL & CE

Daisy chain: Yes, up to 1000 fixtures
Product weight: 11.8kg
Recommended height above plants: dependent on application and growth stage
Product includes: Fixture, 6' power cord, communications cable

Recommended for:
Vegetative growth and flowering stages
Grow tents and grow rooms
Large size grow operations


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