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HiPAR 315w luminaires are helping growers achieve significantly improved quality and quantities from their crop. The modern 315w technology allows the bulbs internal arc-tube to burn much hotter than traditional HID lighting. The resulting light energy is more similar to sunlight and provides more usable PAR light.

HiPAR’s new advanced range of precisely engineered MIRO aluminium reflectors are designed for maximum illumination and bulb durability. With our progressive analysis they offer more efficacy than the competitors. Increased light reflectivity and effectual spread drastically improves your plants growth!

Our 315w HORIZONTAL mounted globe design has been calculated for perfect light efficiency and is ideal for any style of horticultural production. These fixtures can be used as a standalone lighting source or as supplementary light energy to traditional HPS bulbs. 315w is the next generation of lighting and is most effective in our CMH technology specific reflectors!

Also available in ‘Vertical’ lamp reflector - The choice is yours

Featuring a unique engineered design to maximise light output from the CMH lamp, the Sunstorm cleverly dissipates excess heat from the bulb while improving the performance in your crop. Sunstorm Reflectors are built tough, with incredible durable design features yet precise MIRO aluminium reflective surfaces to ensure all the light energy is efficient and effective.

Sunstorm Reflectors come with a PGZ18 thread as standard, removing the need for adaptors. These are the only Reflector that is custom designed for CMH 315w Technology and will outperform any retrofitted reflector alternatives.

Precisely designed for maximum CMH light efficiency output
Available in Horizontal or Vertical
Reflectors can be linked together
Provides incredible light uniformity and heat management
PGZ18 Thread as standard
This unit is for 315w CMH/QMH BULBS ONLY!

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