Raindrip Auto Watering Kit Flowers, Shrubs and Trees

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Huge Reductions on all Raindrip items. Prices slashed 40%. Discontinued item.

They’re water efficient, simple to install and most* include a battery-operated timer so you can set your system to water automatically.

Affordable, simple
automated landscape
watering is here at last.
Treat your plants right all year round with our no additional tools necessary kits. Most kits come with a timer that automates your watering. Need more? Expand easily with our expansion products.

Drip watering delivers just the right amount of water slowly and precisely to each plant or plant area, right where your plants need it - their root zone. Even better, less water is wasted compared with regular watering.

How it works

Easy 1-2-3 Installation:
All you need is your hands.
This system is designed to be set-up in 3 easy steps. The connections are made to be hand-connected and hand-tightened.

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