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Access 60% more of your gardens available light! It's a "clinically proven" fact that FOLITECH will allow your plants to use 60% more of the light in your garden! We all know light equals yield, so don't waste your precious light; maximize it with DM FOLITECH! The advance technology within FOLITECH took our PhD plant Physiologist years to develop and recent test conducted at the University of British Columbia have shown that FOLITECH will dramatically increase the light accessed by your favorite plants.

Visible results within days! When your plants are processing more lights they grow and develop at an accelerated rate. Thousands of gardeners from around the world consistently report seeing visible results, within days, when using FOLITECH! Try to get this with an ordinary root based supplement!

15 - 25% increase in yield!

All that extra light you've harnessed with FOLITECH is going to do one big thing give you a bigger yield! In fact our own in house trials, together with advertised testimonials from customers and stores from around the world, confirm that you too can expect a 15 to 25% increase in yield from using FOLITECH Grow and Flower. Let's see a root based supplement do that!

The branch development king!

FOLITECH not only lets your plants access more light but it also channels that extra energy into key areas of development. FOLITECH Grow channels much of this extra energy into lateral branch development. In fact FOLITECH Grow is a favorite of those who like to see big bushy plants with a high yield potential or for those who like to grow plants for the primary purpose of taking cuttings.

"Clinically Proven" guarantee

FOLITECH, as a part of our unique foliar line of performance products, is "Clinically Proven" to work through our "Clinically Proven Program". Conducted primarily with or at leading Universities such as the University of British Columbia in Canada. We pride ourselves on our technology, technology that's proven to work! And that's a fact!

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