Mr. Fothergill’s Alyssum Carpet of Snow Seed Packet

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Edging, rockeries and window boxes - just a few of the many uses for this versatile ground hugging plant. Masses of tiny white flowers provide a striking contrast to other garden colours. A hardy annual, flowering the same year. Prefers a sunny position.

We hope you enjoy these Flower seeds, just another great example of seeds from Mr Fothergill’s!

Plant Height: 8cm

Product Specifications
How To Grow
Sow 3mm deep in flowering position directly. Keep moist. Thin out to 9in (25cm) apart.

When To Plant
Throughout the year as required.

8 Weeks From Sowing

When to Sow/Plant
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 8 × 15 × 1 cm