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Inside you can find:

  • Hydroponics supplies, such as grow lights, nutrient solutions and grow systems
  • Aquaponics supplies, such as ponds/tanks, pressure filters and accessories

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Garden Gurus

Autumn Growing with Neville

Neville explains how you would grow food at home in hydroponics and the reasons why you might want to.

  • Hydroponics uses about a tenth of what is needed in a regular soil system and it successfully recycles all nutrients so there’s no waste.
  • Main media used are either expanded clay or perlite – both are important for roots to breathe.
  • The bato pot system using expanded clay is perfect for growing eggplant and tomatoes.
  • Deep bed systems using perlite work beautifully to grow turmeric, ginger, asparagus, and even garlic.
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Gardening Australia

How to Start Growing Indoor Plants Hydroponically

Tammy from Gardening Australia shows how simple, easy, and rewarding it is to start growing indoor plants hydroponically.

  • Expanded Clay Balls
  • Perlite
  • Transferring Plants from Soil to Hydroponics
  • Nutrients and Water
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Gardening Australia

How to Create a Hydroponic Heaven with Brian Bullock

Brian Bullock is a home gardener who has set up a simple but highly effective hydroponics system in his driveway and it produces more than enough food to feed his household.

  • The benefits of growing in different containers
  • Choosing the right nutrient solution for your plants
  • How to test EC and pH
  • The Kratky method
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Gardening Australia

Touring a Massive Hydroponic Aroid Collection

Tammy from Gardening Australia visits a couple who have turned their home into a hydroponic house for aroids.

  • Hydroponic Systems
  • Lighting
  • Hybridising
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Murray Hallam's

Aquaponics Made Easy!

Grow fish and vegetables together in your own backyard the easy way. Whether you want to build your own system or assemble a ready-made kit, Murray Hallam will guide you through every step, so you can enjoy fresh fish and organic vegetables at your place.

  • Assembling a kit system
  • Grow beds, tanks, and gravel media explained
  • Flood and drain, auto syphons
  • Fish aeration, pumps filtration, backup systems

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