Ag-Grow Grow 250mL / 1L / 5L

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Shake bottle well before use. Add Ag-Grow® Grow to water at recommended strength and stir thoroughly. Water by hand when media becomes mostly dry in the pot. For hydroponic systems consult Aquaponics WA.

Ag-Grow Grow and Bloom range of nutrients contain the full blend of Macro and Micro nutrients, along with Calcium and Trace Elements fully balanced for optimised plant growth and bloom performance. See Nutrient label PDF for typical analysis.

FOLIAR FEEDING: 1ml per litre in a spray bottle. Apply directly to plant leaves. Use filtered or rainwater. Ideal for plants in aquaponics systems at this strength.

Quarter Strength: 2.5ml per Litre. For seedlings, cuttings, orchids, patio, indoor and delicate plants etc.

Half Strength: 5ml per Litre. For young vegetables such as lettuce, green leafy vegetables, asian greens, kale, chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, capsicum, peas, beans, potatoes, carrots etc. in soil and hydroponic media. Ideal for soil grown plants at half strength.

Full Strength: 10mls per Litre. For best results on all mature plants (as listed directly above) in expanded clay, perlite, vermiculite, coco peat, rockwool and soil. However, nutrient strength and pH must be monitored daily, as overfeeding and toxicity may occur. Suits recycling, run to waste, flood and drain and NFT hydroponic systems.

Why is AG-GROW GROW & BLOOM so good? Because is FULLY BLENDED and STRONG..! Just look at these numbers in the technical analysis. You won’t find BETTER or STRONGER on your favourite hardware’s gardening shelf. Try it today, you plants will LOVE it.

Important: Water quality is very important. Tap water is acceptable. Best results occur with aerated filtered or rain water. Bore water requires testing.
To avoid nutrient and salts build up, rinse media with fresh water weekly.


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