FloraMax Growth XS 50mL / 250mL

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Revolutionary Growth Accelerator

FloraMax Growth-XS is the groundbreaking solution that every gardener has been seeking. With the power to boost the vegetative phase of your plants, Growth-XS ensures quicker, more vigorous growth and delivers astonishing results in less time.

Use in week 2 or 3 of the growth phase to accelerate foliage growth and root mass.


• Speedy Veg Phase: Say goodbye to prolonged vegetative stages. Growth-XS can reduce this phase by an impressive 1-3 weeks, allowing you to transition plants sooner and reap the rewards earlier than you ever thought possible.
• Combat Transition Shocks: Transplanting plants can be a critical time, with many facing the dreaded transplant shock. Growth-XS aids in minimizing these shocks, ensuring a smooth transition for your precious greenery.
• Revitalize Stalled Growth: Every gardener's nightmare is seeing their plant’s growth come to a sudden halt. With Growth-XS, your plants get a new lease on life, pushing through stagnancy and reaching for the skies.
• Safe and Effective: No more worries about unwanted elongation between nodes. When used as instructed, Growth-XS guarantees no internodal stretching.
pH Neutral: Maintaining the right pH is crucial for plant health. Growth-XS boasts a pH-neutral formulation, ensuring harmony in your garden.
• Clean and Uninterrupted: Experience the bliss of a residue-free environment. Growth-XS promises zero foul residues, foaming, odors, or obstructions to your garden’s drip system.
• Available in Varied Sizes: Whether you’re a home gardener or a commercial grower, FloraMax Growth-XS has got you covered. Choose from pack sizes of 250ml, 1L, 5L, or 20L, depending on your needs.
• Dosage Precision: For best results, use during the second week of the vegetative stage, dosing at 0.5-1ml/L (2-4ml/Gal).

How does FloraMax Growth-XS work?

FloraMax Growth-XS contains a blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that help to promote plant growth.

It also contains a unique formulation that helps to improve nutrient uptake and root development.

What are the benefits of using FloraMax Growth-XS?

• Reduces the vegetative phase by 1-3 weeks
• Promotes foliage growth and root mass
• Improves nutrient uptake
• Helps to prevent nutrient deficiencies
• Is pH neutral and does not cause foaming or odours

How to use FloraMax Growth-XS?

• Use for 7 days (maximum) in week 2 or 3 of the vegetative stage.
• Dose at 1ml/L (4ml/Gal).
• Do not use in conjunction with chlorines or peroxides.

Testimonials from FloraMax website:

“The effect of Growth-XS was obvious after just 7-days”

“With Growth-XS there is no signs of stretch, and it creates more centre branching and lateral growth”

“We used Growth-XS on our auto flowers. We started 12-days prior to flower and only ran it for 3-days. We estimate the final yield was improved about 15%. So definitely worth it!”

“Growth-XS is proving to be very popular, customers have been telling me to use it 2 weeks before turning, as apparently the plants continue to kick on for a full 2 weeks post application. I’m personally 12 days post introduction, and wowser.”

Supplier comments that the medicinal guys are using this to get an extra grow per year. And extra yield. Use per grower’s guide in week 2 and 3 only from memory.

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