FloraMax Pythoff Plus 1L / 5L

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Nutrient Management

Poor growth is often due to the failure to maintain the condition of the nutrient solution and root zone.

FloraMax Pythoff PLUS is ideal for this as it is fully compatible with our organic additives – NOTE, regular chlorines and hydrogen peroxide can destroy the organics in FloraMax and many other nutrient products!

Also, any water that is stored for more than 2-3 days should be dosed with Pythoff PLUS (2ml/Gal or 0.5ml/L), then stored in the dark for at least 24 hours prior to use in a hydroponic system.

Eliminates toxic build-up in hydroponic systems

The formulation of Pythoff Plus is a result of our extensive experience as water treatment chemists since 1966

• Maintains the condition and effective working life of nutrient solutions – 0.5ml/L. This prevents the accumulation of nutrient by-products and blocked drippers. See FAQs below.

• The ultimate weekly ‘flush’ – Pythoff PLUS restores the condition of the rootzone, medium and hardware during the “weekly” system flush (0.5ml/L). See FAQs below.

• Maintains ‘stored’ water (RO and rain water) used for making nutrient solutions – Pythoff PLUS maintains its condition and prevents “stagnation” (0.5ml/L). This prevents the likelihood of contaminating the working nutrient solution.

• Improves post-harvest system clean-up – Pythoff PLUS cleans system hardware AND “recyclable” mediums to prevent contamination of the next crop (2ml/L).

• Pythoff PLUS is “standardized” to a specific concentration and has a shelf-life of 10 yrs plus – The correct dosage is critical as underdosing will provide no benefit, and overdosing will harm roots. Note, competing products are generally highly unstable and therefore yield an untrustworthy dosage.

• Safe to use from seed to harvest – Pythoff PLUS is very gentle on roots.

• Pythoff PLUS is fully compatible with all FloraMax additives.

• Dosage: Nutrient solutions, flush water and stored water, 0.5ml/L (2ml/Gal) | Post-harvest system clean-up, 2ml/L (8ml/Gal).

CAUTION: Not compatible with hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, beneficial bacteria or “live” systems.

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