Ridley Marine Float 6mm Fish Food 1kg / 2kg / 5kg / 20kg

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Ridley Marine Float Range 6mm floating pellets suitable for fish size 14 - 40cm

A high quality, high protein pellets, designed to provide optimal nutrition. Ridley floating fish food provides good all round performance, particularly in ponds or recirculation systems, from fingerling to harvest.

Suitable for all types of fish like barramundi, trout, perch, koi and other ornamental fish.

Ridley Marine Float Range (6mm floating pellets) Designed for ponds and tanks this floating feed is suitable for any species with a high energy requirement. Proven effective for healthy growth. The diet of choice on Australian Barramundi farms.

Indicative Composition: Fish meal, oils of marine, terrestrial or vegetable origin, cereals, animal and vegetable protein meals, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, mould inhibitor 4 and 6mm pellets are 54% Protein / 10% Fat.

Fish feeding: Not for human consumption. Usage: Feed fish once per day a small amount depending on stocking density. Do not over feed. Remove any remaining feed that has not been consumed within 10 minutes. Visit our website for information on water testing.

NB: SKRETTINGS Fish Food is no longer available in WA and RIDLEY Fish Food has superseded supply in WA. We supply and feed our fish the new Ridley range and have had great results.

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Weight 1.53 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 21 cm


1kg, 20kg, 2kg, 5kg